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Horned Grebe

The drought has ended! We have tons of ponds, and hundreds of ducks on our land. My favorite bird species is the horned grebe. It is a diving bird! There are two living in the meteor crater, so there should be some chicks soon!

Sleep Paralysis

A while ago, I watched a TedEd on sleep paralysis. It usually happens when waking up. The person affected feels a heavy weight on their chest, and is unable to move and even feels unable to breathe. It is usually accompanied by hallucinations, a monster of some sort on the chest. Most people experience it at least once in their lifetime, but some people never experience it.

The brain releases a chemical to paralyze you when you sleep, to stop you from sleep walking or moving too much. Sometimes it goes a bit ‘wrong’, and you are conscious before the paralysis goes away. You are still breathing, but in the panic of the living nightmare, you try to breathe faster but can’t because of the paralysis. You can’t scream, or fight, or move at all. This experience usually lasts a couple seconds to a couple minutes.

I got to experience this, a bit differently but just as frightening. Keep in mind that sleep paralysis was not fresh in my mind, and I had no idea what was going on.

When travelling to and from Montana, I sleep in the car because it is a 12 hour drive. We were a little ways away from the border, so I decided to sleep. I was almost asleep, when I felt this strong tingling go up my feet and right up through my cheeks. My head flopped to the side and my mouth opened. My first thoughts were “I’m dying, I’m dying. I’m dying in my sleep and I am completely conscious.” I then thought that if I could wake up I would live, but I couldn’t move. I felt like I couldn’t breath, almost like I was slowly drowning. I couldn’t even open my eyes. I thought that maybe if it looked like I was having a nightmare my mom would wake me up, and I would live. I tried to move my head from side to side like I was having a fit, but I couldn’t move.

It may not have lasted that long, and I may have been thinking fast… But my guess is that it lasted about a minute. It felt way longer though. It is really hard to explain how it felt… I lost all my senses (although I can’t be sure because the vehicle was quiet, I had nothing to taste, nothing to smell, I couldn’t open my eyes, and the paralysis probably stopped my sense of touch). It was like being a consciousness inside a dead body, or slowly dying body. I was always amazed that a mind couldn’t just leave a body when it was suffering. There were a couple times I wished I could just leave my body until the pain went away. Why can’t I? This is the closest I have gotten. I think this is the biggest possible disconnect between a mind and body (other than actually dying).

Although it was an extremely frightening experience, I wasn’t completely sure that it happened. I thought a while, then decided it wasn’t possible to have sleep paralysis before sleep, and I had just had a bad dream. I closed my eyes, and it happened again. I wasn’t as panicked as the first time, because I knew I wasn’t going to die… but why a second time? I came out of it, and was still tired so I closed my eyes again. I was almost asleep, and I felt it again. I wasn’t worried anymore, so I observed. I felt it in my feet first, but in less than a second it raced up my body and up my checks… then I was paralyzed again. It happened two more times, a total of five times.

Observing, the thing that amazed me most was how fast my brain was able to paralyze me. When I was knocked out to have my wisdom teeth pulled, it took about five seconds (I know because the anesthesiologist was counting). I felt a slow (very slow) tingly creeping up my cheeks. The sleep paralysis is way faster. I would say it takes between half a second and a second and a half, and it raced up my whole body.

I did some research on sleep paralysis when I got home. It is possible for it to happen before falling asleep. The feeling was also described as a volt of energy travelling through the body. One of the causes? Sleep deprivation. Last year at camp I slept the same amount and nothing happened, so I am actually going to blame the couple sips of Red Bull I had at the last night of fiddle camp at one in the morning.

New Watch

My parents got me a new titanium watch since my gold plated one finally stopped! The old one was amazing. It lasted a really long time, and was my mom’s when she was in university.

This one has some funny quarks, and as you can see it is too big on me. It is so big it sometimes turns upside-down on my wrist. We are going to take it to a jeweler and get it sized. It has an alarm setting which is really useful. It has a screw in bezel, so it is waterproof.

The drawing: It sort of looks like I have man hands… I was going for realistic… but I maybe shouldn’t have drawn the hair on my arm. I even drew the scars on my arms (the white lines to the lower-left of the watch). No cool story behind those… just cat scratches that I turned into scabs when I was little.

Medium: Pen, Gel Pen, Colored Pencils


This is the original drawing:









I played around with photo editing on this one:


Curious Cow

My dad was taking some photos of the neighbor’s cows for one of his sales. He has really tame cows, so among the pictures for the catalogue there were pictures of curious cows. I drew one of them for a friend in Louisiana.

Medium: Pen

Lotus Flower

Brice, Higher (L)attitudes, requested that I draw a lotus flower. I looked one up, deciding on a picture to draw. I came across a picture of the pod. It was exactly like the thing I found in Louisiana! Thank you, Brice, for identifying my mystery plant!

When I went to the ocean for the first time, in Louisiana, I found a funny pod washed up on the shore. I picked it up and took it home. I just assumed it was some sort of submergant seaweed, and never looked up what it was. Turns out it was a lotus pod!


Please take a look at Brice’s blog! He is really good at photography. 😀

Cactus Garden

Here are my newly transplanted cactus!

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My House

This is a drawing of my house in Alberta! It was built (and designed) by my grandfather. It looks like a city house because he thought that his wife would move to the country if the house looked like her town house. She never moved, and now we are stuck with an ugly house. We are hoping to replace the siding and roof one day. The less city looking part was built a while after. He added a porch and a overhang.

It was built in the ’80s (I’ll ask my parents and check that), but was never completely finished.

Brick Laying (part II)

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I got all the bricks laid and the wheel filled with sod and sand. Next step: Filling the gaps in the bricks with sand. Luckily we have a piece of land that is very sandy, so I can truthfully say that everything was from the farm! My dad also gave me a skull for the cactus garden.

I will be transplanting the cactus soon, and will post more pictures.

Brick Laying

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I am building/planting an orchard! The centerpiece (which may change overtime) is a cactus garden. My grandfather saved a big pile of bricks which were going to be for the house, but he passed away before it got done. My parents don’t really like brick houses, so I am putting them to another use. I am building a patio around the cactus garden. The garden itself is contained by a steamer wheel from the original homestead. I will post updates on the species I put in it!

Digging out the area was the first step. It took a total of 10 hours to dig it out with a shovel. Next was the leveling. My dad was too busy to get the rototiller in there, so I decided to do it by hand. I used a three pronged garden hook to score up the dirt, and level it. That took around 3 hours. Next is the bricklaying! I hauled 7 loads of 16 bricks in the wheelbarrow, and got really sore shoulders. My dad backed up the truck to the pile so I could load them, then he moved them to the garden. So far I have worked about 6 hours on the bricks. (After using a truck instead of a wheelbarrow, I doubled the amount of bricks laid down. I didn’t take any pictures of it yet.)



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