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Blue Jay (Imagination)

Medium: Pen, Watercolor Today's drawing/painting was just for fun. I decided when I started that it was an experiment and not to take it too seriously.  I always sort of thought that I had good taste in art (that sounds... Continue Reading →


Reindeer and Old Car

Medium: Pen, Watercolor I painted this one from an old photograph. It is so cute! It is another late night painting that I finished at midnight. I wish I could tell you guys where this was taken but there was no information on... Continue Reading →

1940 Zis

Medium: Pen, Watercolor Today I felt like painting from a black and white photograph, so I searched the internet for some vehicles that are so rare there aren't even color photos (that way it wouldn't even be an option). The... Continue Reading →

Festus the Dragon

Medium: Pen, Watercolor Here is some Percy Jackson fan art! This is a painting for my pen pal, Leona (aka Leo... same name as the person that saved the rusty brain plate of Festus)! I usually wait a week before... Continue Reading →

1928 Pélican (Concept Car)

Medium: Pen, Watercolor The Story: A time traveler by the name of Emma Louise, met The Doctor (a time lord) and traveled to 1928 and designed this car. It is based on the upper class horse drawn carriages, and through its... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Limousine Ad

Medium: Watercolor, Pen Another late night drawing here, which means I was half on auto-pilot. I finished this at 10, and a really like it. I am so pleased by how close to the original it is. I tried to... Continue Reading →

1931 Chrysler Imperial

Medium: Pen, Watercolor Two hours start to finish for this one. I had a really hard time with the white wall tires, and redrew each one about 5 times. Hopefully, one day I'll perfect my tires and be able to... Continue Reading →

Italian Fiat

Medium: Watercolor This is one of my favorite ads, and one that I might have to redo and do a better job. I just had 2 bad art days in a row. First day I couldn't decide what to draw, next... Continue Reading →

Elliott (Pet Portrait)

Medium: Pen, Watercolor, White Pen This is our dog Elliott. He was a stray that showed up at the neighbor's and the original plan was that we would train him then give him back. We never gave him back, even... Continue Reading →

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