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Black and White Daisy

Aperture priority   f/4   1/305   ISO-64   Contrast: soft   Sharpness: Soft

No editing.

This is a swan river daisy. It is white, and my garden soil is black so I thought the black and white setting would really emphasize the contrast.

The Mutant Zinnia

Manual   f/4   1/500   ISO-64

No editing.

Almost every year I get at least one zinnia that is some sort of mutant. This one is half and half, pink and green. Now that I know how to use my camera I get to have a permanent record of it.

Red Moon

Manual   f/8  1/8  ISO-64

When the moon came up tonight it was a beautiful color. To make sure I didn’t miss a good picture, I set my camera to take two photos in one click. It took one in the color setting, and one in the black and white setting. When I went with faster shutter speeds I got some impressive colors, but I decided to post the most realistic one.



Purple Bachelor Buttons

Manual   f/4.5  1/60  ISO-64

Here is a request from Ashely! When they are in full bloom I will try and get a picture of all the different colors. I am playing around on the manual setting a bit more, and having a lot of fun with all the control I can have.

Pink/White Zinnia

Aperture priority   f/4   1/412   ISO-64

No editing.

This is a Mazurkia zinnia. I absolutely love these, because they bloom earlier than my other zinnias and have such lovely color. This particular one has a weird deformity, so on one side the petals grew shorter. That makes an interesting photograph.

Black and White Bachelor Button

Aperture priority    f/4  1/527  ISO-64    Contrast: Hard  Sharpness: Hard  Saturation: Normal


No photo editing! Straight from the camera.

Black and White Calendula

Aperture Priority   f/4   1/325  ISO-64   Contrast: Hard   Sharpness: Hard   Saturation: Normal

I don’t know what filter I used. I am thinking green but I am not completely sure.


This is straight from the camera. No editing at all! (except for the copyright)

Colt 1878 Sheriff’s Model

Medium: Pen, White Pen, Gold Pen, Colored Pencil, Pencil

From The Art Institute of Chicago

Colt 1878 Double-Action Frontier Sheriff’s Model Revolver, c. 1900; decorated 1983

Steel, gold, and ivory
Overall L. 21.8 cm (8 9/16 in.)
Barrel Overall L. 9 cm (3 1/2 in.)
Caliber .44-40

First time using my new gold gel pen! I wouldn’t have been able to do this drawing without it. It actually looks like metallic paint and shimmers when the light hits it differently.

Original Photo:


Journal (Aug. 2017)

Here is my newest journal cover!

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